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Documentary-Style Branded Content Pitches for Excedrin on CNN

To keep Excendrin Extra Strength top-of-mind for consumers, I proposed two human-centric narratives that would come to life as short films profiling relatable individuals.

Image by Matteo Vistocco

This American Headache

Stories Of Our Worst, Most Outrageous Headaches

Whether it’s a lack of understanding from a friend or a holiday-induced headache, all severe headache sufferers have their favorite story, a “You-wouldn’t-believe-it” moment that’s shot through with irony, horror, or comedy.

For Liz Roth, it was the perfect storm. She was visiting her boyfriend’s family for a wedding when a major headache hit her—and they didn’t have any Excedrin in the house. She tried explaining to her boyfriend that she was battling severe pain, but he accused her of faking a headache to avoid his family — needless to say, said boyfriend is now an ex.

We’ll find Excedrin users with compelling stories about the time a severe headache hit them and they didn’t have their Excedrin on them. We’ll bring their stories to life through smart, elegant animations that recall the tone of This American Life or The Moth. These animated shorts will strike a careful blend between empathy and levity—the perfect counter to the stress of the holidays.

When Tough Isn't Enough

Debunking the Myth of the Weak Headache-Suffer

“They should just push through it,” is the all-too-common refrain, as if severe headaches were a matter of toughness. But even the toughest Americans can suffer from major head pain….
In these films for Excedrin, we’ll profile high-level athletes who happen to get severe headaches—someone like former NFL star Percy Harvin or Olympic champion Gail Devers. We’ll pair archival footage of their training and competition with an intimate interview that reveals the struggles and stigma of migraines as well as the relief they’ve found with Excedrin. Then, we’ll show the films to all our fans and some of the people who are most susceptible to headaches—holiday travelers in airports. 
The message is clear: whether you’re in the midst of the trials and tribulations of holiday travels or a world-class athlete, you’ll find support and relief with Excedrin.

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