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Anna Mejorada

Brand Positioning, Storytelling, and Partnerships

I am a freelance creative strategist and writer with over 10 years of experience in marketing, advertising, and communications. I have worked directly with brands to create campaigns from ideation to launch.

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My Expertise

Creative Ideation & Communication

Brand Voice
Embodiment & Expression

Catchy & Captivating Copywriting

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My Latest Articles

Dogcore: /dȯgkȯr/ an aesthetic of furnishings, adornment, decoration, and interiors in a human home for a dog.


The Goats Are Back Just In Time For Lunch!

The third Running of the Goats took place at 120th Street on a sunny and mild Wednesday morning in Riverside Park. Four goats will remain in the park throughout the summer. Skittles is returning for a third year along with 2019’s fan-favorite Cheech, and two newcomers – Big “G” and Elenor.

How I Created 3 Room Designs for My Favorite TV Characters

Do you ever get obsessed with a character from a movie or television series? Then, you suddenly catch yourself daydreaming about how they live their fictional life outside your screen.


This statement might soil my reputation, but with the season of regrowth upon us, I'm finally ready to shed light on my truth as a proud *FAKE* plant parent.


Twenty-five percent of Community Board (CB) 7 residents are “food insecure,” according to the “Meal Gap,” New York City’s official measure of food insecurity. It represents meals missing from an adequate, nutritious diet.

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